Angela Carter – Youtube Readings

The lecturers on the first Monday back suggested I look at short stories as a place to begin tackling narratives and as a way to get away from overly obvious representations. Since I have been looking a Angela Carter for my Art Practices class I decided to use her, as her short stories are a good length for a short video work; her symbolism is very and strong; and she has very strong feminist themes running through her re-imagined fairy tales. I began by looking at readings from other people to get a sense of how her writing translates as audio.

(This one is actually a trailer for a film adaptation of a different short story)




Obleck Science

Exceprt from a physics basics page
Non-Newtonian fluids

Many people have heard of Sir Isaac Newton. He is famous for developing many scientific theories in mathematics and physics. Newton described how ‘normal’ liquids or fluids behave, and he observed that they have a constant viscosity (flow). This means that their flow behaviour or viscosity only changes with changes in temperature or pressure. For example, water freezes and turns into a solid at 0˚C and turns into a gas at 100˚C. Within this temperature range, water behaves like a ‘normal’ liquid with constant viscosity.

Typically, liquids take on the shape of the container they are poured into. We call these ‘normal liquids’ Newtonian fluids. But some fluids don’t follow this rule. We call these ‘strange liquids’ non-Newtonian fluids.

Ideas Channel Link Dump

Cause I’ve been neglecting updating my blog, it’s easier to just put all these links in one post as they have disabled embedding. Also Im adding some stuff from the archives. 

Why is everyone so obsessed with Frozen?

It is a fairytale that critiques fairytales.

Why are there so many superhero movies?

Makes the argument that superheros are a modern myth, and tread the line between negative and positive liberty.

A love letter to the Simpsons

Mike talks about the cultural importance of the long running satire.

Is the show ‘Community’ a post-modern masterpiece?

Yes. Mike also gives a really good working definition of post-modernism

Truvada – HIV Prevention

It’s pretty interesting that a lot of the things being discussed in this article are very similar to the discussions around hormonal birth control. Towards the end of the article the author does acknowledge this similarity – Is this HIV prevention for men the psychological equivalent to HBC for women? And what sort of issues does that raise?