Joss Whendon and Strong Female Characters


Breaking Bad

Aside from the engrossing story line, breaking bad is an excellent example of scripting, editing, pacing, setting atmosphere, and viral media.I could paste nearly the whole series as an example but I’ll stick to some screen shots. Unfortunately its hard to find the best examples of editing etc on-line.

I’m also working my way through this pdf which examines film making techniques using breaking bad as an example

Pink teddy bear from the opening scenes of season 2. It’s a homage to Schindlers list and the girl in the red coat.

Gus’s death scene at the end of season 3, with his burn patterns mirroring that of the teddy bear

Truvada – HIV Prevention

It’s pretty interesting that a lot of the things being discussed in this article are very similar to the discussions around hormonal birth control. Towards the end of the article the author does acknowledge this similarity – Is this HIV prevention for men the psychological equivalent to HBC for women? And what sort of issues does that raise?