Angela Carter – Youtube Readings

The lecturers on the first Monday back suggested I look at short stories as a place to begin tackling narratives and as a way to get away from overly obvious representations. Since I have been looking a Angela Carter for my Art Practices class I decided to use her, as her short stories are a good length for a short video work; her symbolism is very and strong; and she has very strong feminist themes running through her re-imagined fairy tales. I began by looking at readings from other people to get a sense of how her writing translates as audio.

(This one is actually a trailer for a film adaptation of a different short story)




Some more pop science videos

Smoke Bubbles

Glow in the dark bubbles

Fairy Jars

And I wish I could find these because they would be awesome at interrupting expectations around fluid dynamics

House of Cards and Feminsim, with link

This article on the New Republic is an interesting point against Jezebels article, which I felt was a little too sympathetic. I’m more concerned with whether or not the show is women-sensitive overall. I feel that they generally do a good job of showing women and minorities as complex and properly fleshed out characters. I think Jezebel was aiming to place Claire Underwood as a feminist not because they think the character herself is feminist, but that the character has been written to feminist ideals – strong, powerful, but also very flawed. There are moments when you like her and moments when you hate her just as much as Frank. This is the type of complexity that was traditionally under-represented.

Ideas Channel Link Dump

Cause I’ve been neglecting updating my blog, it’s easier to just put all these links in one post as they have disabled embedding. Also Im adding some stuff from the archives. 

Why is everyone so obsessed with Frozen?

It is a fairytale that critiques fairytales.

Why are there so many superhero movies?

Makes the argument that superheros are a modern myth, and tread the line between negative and positive liberty.

A love letter to the Simpsons

Mike talks about the cultural importance of the long running satire.

Is the show ‘Community’ a post-modern masterpiece?

Yes. Mike also gives a really good working definition of post-modernism

Hye Rim Lee

From circuit:

Lee’s photos and video installations tell a fantasy tale based on an intermingling of Eastern and Western popular culture and the study of new technologies and how they influence tradition.

The graphics used inevitably refer to the manga tradition, but are mixed with Western aesthetic ideals, thus giving life to transgender, transcultural characters who live in an imaginary world governed by testosterone. Through an exploration of videogame dynamics, intended for a male public, and a fascination with new technologies, the artist analyses aspects of popular culture, globalization and especially femininity in relation to the media. Through her numerous works she demonstrates that the exploitation of the female body is still very much a relevant question.

Breaking Bad

Aside from the engrossing story line, breaking bad is an excellent example of scripting, editing, pacing, setting atmosphere, and viral media.I could paste nearly the whole series as an example but I’ll stick to some screen shots. Unfortunately its hard to find the best examples of editing etc on-line.

I’m also working my way through this pdf which examines film making techniques using breaking bad as an example

Pink teddy bear from the opening scenes of season 2. It’s a homage to Schindlers list and the girl in the red coat.

Gus’s death scene at the end of season 3, with his burn patterns mirroring that of the teddy bear